Affordable Care Act Update

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Affordable Care Act Update Released 2/10/14

Congress released an announcement regarding mandatory employer compliance with the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).

*  Employers with 50-100 full time employees(>30 hours per week)

the announcement changed the mandate date to January 2016 from 2015 for compliance.
*  Employers with more than 100 full time employees-the announcement did not change the compliance date, it remains January 2015.  But, mandatory compliance standards have been eased, covered employee levels have decreased from 95% to 75% of full time employees.

Medicaid  eligible employees that enroll in Medicaid coverage count toward the above mentioned mandatory employer compliance percentage levels.

Also Congressional agreement is nearing for “doc fix”.  Preliminary talk include increasing doctor rates .5% per year for the next five years.  Work still remains on exactly how Congress will pay for this rate increase.  The “doc fix” is expected to be tied to Therapy Med B caps either changing or continuing.

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