• Countdown to PDPM

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  • Scott Slipko (PA and NY):  sslipko@embracepremier.com


    Eric Kennerk (OH, WV and MI):  ekennerk@embracepremier.com


    For other locations call 800.875.7041.

PDPM: What To Expect

PDPM:  Ready, Set, Go with Premier

We are counting down to PDPM implementation, with Premier Therapy’s expertise we are utilizing our READY, SET, GO approach to PDPM both with our SNF partners and our therapy teams.

READY:  Premier Therapy is ready as our clinical service delivery practices/functional outcomes are already aligned with PDPM with the focus of our CARE Tool which strategically aligns patient demographics, status, and comorbidities.   We are partnering with our facilities to ensure that they are READY to capture and code patient centered conditions necessary on the MDS for optimal PDPM success.

SET: Through communication, training, and operational analysis, Premier Therapy helps put all the pieces together for our partners, as they get SET for the PDPM shift.

GO:  We will continually tweak processes, educate staff, and analyze data as we work through the transition and GO live for PDPM to ensure success for our patients, facilities, and staff.  Taking a share of the risk is a continued sign of the partnerships we will continue to foster.

Will you be ready to GO by the October 1, 2019 deadline?

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