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Write for the Right

Write for the Right

Properly coordinated interdisciplinary documentation is the foundation of quality care and reimbursement, and the right to provide services. It is imperative that nursing and therapy documentation are coordinated, as poor documentation could result in loss of pertinent therapy services for the resident and reimbursement.

Premier’s therapists/management provide training and instruction in the Medicare requirements for documentation. We provide our TIPS Tool for Nursing: Therapy Intervention Program Support for Nursing that translates therapy documentation into MDS terminology. Ongoing interdisciplinary audit support with documentation is completed to reduce risk of denials and to ensure a team approach to quality patient care.

Trigger List

Trigger List

Trigger List in-service training is provided to a SNF staff to educate and raise awareness of those residents that are not at their maximum level of independence. Our goal is to work together with your nursing staff to ensure all residents receive the therapy services needed to maintain highest quality of life and independence.

Achieving Census Target Now

Achieving Census Target Now (ACT Now!)

Premier works with the facility for census development through:

  • Innovative Partnerships
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Community Awareness
  • Media Efforts

Premier’s census development program, ACT Now!, was designed to collaborate with your facility in developing outreach efforts that will set you apart from other facilities. We work together to promote community awareness through a variety of creative methods. Our goal is to help you be the Leader in the Community in Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Bridge to Success

“Bridge to Success”

Premier’s transition plan was designed to ensure a smooth changeover between therapy providers. Nobody likes change, but with our Bridge to Success transition program, we work directly with your staff with pre-start communication meetings and training for a seamless conversion. On day one we are fully entrenched and paving the road to excellence!


C.A.R.E. Tool (Clinical Analysis for RUG Election)

Premier’s C.A.R.E. Tool (Clinical Analysis for RUG ‘level’ Election) is a clinically based decision tool for determining the appropriate therapy RUG category. The tool promotes an interdisciplinary process utilizing the patient’s unique condition and discharge plan to select a proper RUG.

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