Remaining Vertical: Falls Prevention Program

remaining vertical

Purpose: To assess, identify and address problem areas for each resident at risk for falls and to investigate those residents already experiencing falls. To reduce the incidence of falls and improve safety and function of the residents through clinical assessment and programs by the interdisciplinary team to identify problems and establish plans of care.

Premier’s Remaining Vertical Falls Prevention Program focuses on the need to identify those residents at risk for falls and to reduce the risk and incidence for continued falls. First and foremost, Premier takes a proactive approach in identifying residents at risk via weekly interdisciplinary team meetings with actual protocols that reveal at-risk traits/behaviors that increase residents’ potential for falls. With utilization of these procedures, a thorough assessment and analysis of the problem can be done by Premier in conjunction with the “Otaga Exercise Program” to ensure maximum safety and carryover is achieved. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of falls and improve overall safety and function while maximizing the resident’s independence and quality of life.