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H.A.L.T.T. (Hospital Admissions Lowered Through Therapy)

Purpose: This is an interdisciplinary team approach which utilizes therapy to reduce hospital readmission through clinical management of the resident.

Premier’s H.A.L.T.T. Program focuses on appropriate hospital re-admissions. Premier takes a proactive approach in the identification of those residents at risk for possible re-admission to the hospital. Premier believes focus on at-risk re-admissions begins BEFORE admission to your SNF through their stay. Premier provides a H.A.L.T.T. checklist for educational support/training for your admissions team, nursing coordinators and STNA’s to alert them of conditions, factors and procedures that support an interdisciplinary team approach that includes utilizing therapy to reduce unnecessary re-admissions through clinical management of the resident.


Toileting for Independence Program (TIP)

Purpose: This program is offered to increase/maintain a resident’s ability to toilet themselves and increase a resident’s continence and independence.

Premier Therapy’s Toileting for Independence Program (TIP) focuses on a comprehensive team approach allowing nursing and therapy staff to work together to eliminate and or decrease incontinence and build self-esteem while reducing the incidence of wounds and falls.

The TIP Program has been credited to increase overall continence by 18% in facilities impacting overall resident self esteem, dignity and quality of life.

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Remaining Vertical: Falls Prevention Program (works in conjunction with the Otago Exercise Program)

Purpose: To assess, identify and address problem areas for each resident at risk for falls and to investigate those residents already experiencing falls. To reduce the incidence of falls and improve safety and function of the residents through clinical assessment and programs by the interdisciplinary team to identify problems and establish plans of care.

Premier’s Remaining Vertical Falls Prevention Program focuses on the need to identify those residents at risk for falls and to reduce the risk and incidence for continued falls. First and foremost, Premier takes a proactive approach in identifying residents at risk via weekly interdisciplinary team meetings with actual protocols that reveal at-risk traits/behaviors that increase residents’ potential for falls. With utilization of these procedures, a thorough assessment and analysis of the problem can be done by Premier in conjunction with the “Otaga Exercise Program” to ensure maximum safety and carryover is achieved. Our goal is to reduce the incidence of falls and improve overall safety and function while maximizing the resident’s independence and quality of life.

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Cognitive Enhancement Program (CEP)

Purpose: To facilitate a resident’s highest level of cognitive functioning through staff education, compensatory strategies and increased resident participation in dementia appropriate activities.

Premier Therapy’s Cognitive Enhancement Program (CEP) focuses on overall improvement and maintenance of resident’s cognitive ability in conjunction with the “Brainstorming” protocol. We work with families and nursing staff to identify areas of opportunity, whether it be environmental adaptations or one on one staff /family education. Our goal is help create an environment packed with activities and interactions that stimulate the resident’s ability to interact and communicate with others in social and ADL settings; which enhances the quality of the time spent with family members and improves ability to follow through on ADL tasks with nursing. Premier’s CEP successfully decreases disruptive behaviors frequently accompanied with impaired mental status due to dementia.


M.E.A.L. Program: Maximizing Each Resident’s Appropriate Diet Level

Purpose: To ensure residents are tolerating their highest tolerable diet level and maintaining weight levels through an interdisciplinary team approach involving speech, nursing, and dietary departments.

Premier’s M.E.A.L. Program (Maximizing Each Resident’s Appropriate Diet Level) focuses on an interdisciplinary team approach including Speech Therapy, Nursing and Dietary to ensure residents are tolerating their highest diet level to maintain proper nutrition and hydration while decreasing risk for weight loss and skin breakdown. The M.E.A.L. program has proven effective to help maintain quality of life to preserve intake along with the need for puree and downgraded diets.

Walk to Dine

Walk to Dine Program

Purpose: To establish a program that will aid the resident to maintain functional ambulation abilities to support maximum level of independence to maintain quality of life.

Premier Therapy’s Walk to Dine Program provides a more homelike and enhanced dining experience for your residents while preserving their strength and independence. Walk to Dine reduces number of unnecessary wheelchairs around dining tables while promoting ambulation and proper positioning-a win/win for all. This bridging of services and interdisciplinary approach is a true hit with survey teams! Premier works with your (RNP) nursing staff for early identification of resident needs with re-ambulation to maintain highest quality of life. This program provides support to your Restorative Nursing as a means for carryover of their goals as well as initial recommendations of goals from therapy.

Premier Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab Program

Purpose: To provide interdisciplinary treatment to clients with cardiac impairments to enhance their overall functional capacity and reduce disability through exercise training, health education, vocational adaptations and lifestyle changes.

Premier’s Cardiac Rehab Program focuses on those residents with cardiac impairment to enhance their overall functional capacity. Together we will evaluate and develop specific programs to address the needs of the post-acute and chronic cardiac resident while maintaining optimal safety. Our program promotes a return to independence through exercise training, health education, vocational adaptations and lifestyle changes.

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