• ICD-10 Coding Selection
  • Primary Medical Diagnosis selection (I0020b)
  • Section GG
  • Comorbidities
  • BIMS and Section K Training
  • Nursing Component Training

PDPM Strategic Planning

  • Preadmission Case Mix Group Analysis
  • IDT Partnerships with Dietary/SS/RNAC/Nursing
  • Proactive Utilization and DC Planning

PDPM Financial Impact Analysis and Planning

  • Coordination of clinical service intensity and delivery
  • Coordination of home visit and DC planning
  • Identification of potential IPA candidates
  • Communication to IDT, family, and necessary community partners
  • Optima Business Intelligence Reporting

PDPM Compliance

  • Diagnosis Coding
  • Qualifying Hospital Stay
  • Assessment Timing and Accuracy
  • CPT Coding and Treatment Modality Usage

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