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Signature Suite of Caring Services

Premier Therapy has developed a Signature Suite of Caring Services. These services are designed to meet the rehabilitative needs of residents and the clinical and financial needs of facility health care professionals and managers.

  • CEP
  • Remaining Vertical
  • M.E.A.L.
  • TIP
  • signature-haltt
  • walk to dine

For the Residents
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  • C.A.R.E.
  • Trigger List
  • Bridge To Success
  • Write for the Right
  • Achieving Census Target Now

For the Facility Staff
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Welcome to Premier Therapy

Premier Therapy embraces results. We utilize the methods of administration and therapy to deliver your desired outcome.

At Premier Therapy we embrace our profession, our patients, our staff and our colleagues. As a leader in the physical, speech and occupational therapy industry in Ohio and Pennsylvania, we are proud of what we do, and we are dedicated to our company.

With the energy and confidence to enable your residents to reach their goals, we embrace every step on the way to reaching those results. Our management is hands-on, throughout every level of the corporate ladder and structure. So, at Premier Therapy, we can provide your organization with the therapy professionals needed to run your facility while also demonstrating a passion for enhancing the quality of life of your residents. We embrace expectations and hope for the resident and the family. We also encourage and embrace the desire of your residents and their families to persevere along the way to their goals. Our professionals demonstrate a passion for enhancing your overall therapy services and outcomes of your facility to support achievement of a “5 Star” Quality Rating resulting in the highest quality of life for your residents following therapy intervention by Premier’s therapists.

Premier Therapy embraces continuing education for our staff to learn new skills and techniques in the fields of physical, speech and occupational therapies. We support our staff in their professionalism and achievement of excellence. We enhance continuing education and professional advancement of our staff and yours through accredited clinical and Medicare training protocols, keeping them current with regulations, and ready for any industry change. Our commitment to sharing knowledge with your nursing staff alongside our staff promotes teamwork, seamless documentation and strong clinical communication for residents and families; a key dynamic often missing in today’s heavily regulated nursing homes. This hometown personal commitment is not missing from Premier Therapy rehab departments! “Embrace the Difference”.